The group established at JFC Company has a well-trained team in the field of producing nanomaterials and catalysts with vast industrial application. The laboratory group of the company has 50 active specialists and more than 121 people who are working indirectly with this scientific core. The target of this group is to develop scientific goals and apply them in the world’s industry today to improve working conditions and increase industrial productivity with consideration of environmental conditions.


The company has good Technical knowledge about producing Nano catalyst that they are so important in oil industry.

  • Construction of CoMo and NiMo catalyst for the production of clean diesel fuels.

In this research, our researchers have been able to achieve the knowledge of the production of these catalysts and provide homogeneous and stable productions.


  • Making absorbent products for absorbing sulphur in the oil and gasoline.

A process for the removal of sulfones from hydrocarbon fuels, which comprises passing liquid hydrocarbon fuel continuously over a fixed bed containing FSM1  adsorbent having pore size in the range of 26-60 Å, BET surface area in the range of 700-950 m2/g and pore volume in the range of 0.4-0.9 cm3/g, pre-activated at a room temperature., at a weight hourly space velocity (WHSV) in the range of 1-20 h−1, at an adsorption temperature of 20-30° C., at one bar pressure and collecting hydrocarbon and regenerating the adsorbent blending an organic solvent with FSM1 powders for a time period of 30 to 90 minute for further adsorption of sulfones. In this way there is the possibility of industrial production.


Our researchers in this sample succeeded in producing a nanoscale catalyst that could absorb sulfur in a variety of conventional fuels, such as gasoline, and the reduces the amount of sulfur remaining to below the standard Euro 5 levels.


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